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Airline admits it used wrong jet for flight
On August 31, American Airlines Flight 31 took off from Los Angeles International Airport and landed safely at Honolulu International Airport. However, the airplane was not ETOPS (Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Airplanes) certified and …

How a Denver engineer can save airlines millions — and make people want to
Every extra minute a plane sits at the gate with the engine running costs the airline about $ 81.18 in fuel and other costs, the U.S. trade organization Airlines for America estimates. That figure increases to about $ 100 when a 15 percent profit margin …
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United Airlines Unveils New First Class Seat Design For Shorthaul Fleet
Despite a bit of turmoil in the home office last week, United Airlines moved forward with plans to launch a new premium cabin design for a portion of its short haul fleet. The design takes advantage of all of the modernizations coming down the pipeline …
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